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002: The Commanders Intent

Welcome to the world of undercover policing and hostage negotiation Kevin O Leary joins me in this very first episode of The Leadership Enigma Kevin spent 30 years as a Metropolitan Police Detective 8 years as the Head of Covert Policing Unit and was part of the command team for the London Olympics Oh by the way he is also the advisor and referee for the award-winning Channel 4 show Hunted and the Sky series The Heist What could possibly go wrong in this first episode nbsp This episode focuses on The Commanders Intent as a way to create and communicate a clear message as to what success looks like even during chaos nbsp I chat to Kevin about how The Commanders Intent has helped him in covert high stakes operations and about how it translates across to the modern leader and promotes adaptive leadership nbsp Kevin was also responsible for the amazing experiential learning event called Operation Benedict that has been delivered to organisations all over the world including as part of the Google GBA Global Business Academy Click here to visit this podcast episode