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017: Kahuna Concept – Being Curious

It s a brand new year 2018 is an exciting time to rock You should be curious not only in your business life but your personal life too In today s podcast I share a Kahuna Concept These Kahuna Concepts are also posted on my YouTube channel I wasn t always great at school or studying but I was always curious It is important to be curious because it leads to certain things There was an article in the Harvard Business Review that talks about curiosity being as important as intelligence Today I break down how curiosity has helped me in my life Topics on Today s Episode IQ is the intellectual quotient or the amount of god given brain power that you have Having a high IQ is like having a lot of RAM EQ is the emotional quotient or how you deal with complexity Does it stress you out or overwhelm you A higher EQ helps deal with emotional stress of complexity CQ is your curiosity quotient This is learning by being curious You can increase your internal learning and recall by being curious about things Being curious and figuring things out has come very natural to me In the apartment business you have to be curious and learn how to solve problems You have to figure out how things work from loans to insurance to operations When I meet people who are good at what they do I want to understand the process and ask them questions I also recall their phrases and terminology and adapt it as my own I have been working the CQ my entire life I was a cabana boy at the Stardust Hotel and Casino We set up chairs and towels for guests There was a club at my hotel that I was curious about I asked the bouncers questions about if they let underage people in Later in my life my wife and I wanted to go to a new club The line was around the block but I was confident that we weren t waiting in line I was curious enough in my adolescence to learn how the doorguy bouncer job worked I was able to use this knowledge to show off to my future wife Don t stop being curious Links and Resources Mentioned Text the word MONEY to 408-500-1127 to get my free private money program and credibility kit for single family Curiosity Is as Important as Intelligence Kahuna Concept 001 Quotes By being curious and having to figure thing out I actually learned the process I found that this is a very powerful gift Corey Peterson You can t change your IQ but you can increase your EQ and your CQ You need to be curious about solving problems Corey Peterson When I come into contact with people who are really good at what they do I want to know how they do what they do Corey Peterson Don t forget to download my Free Workshop Quickstart Video Series and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes Text the word MONEY to 408-500-1127 to get my free private money program and credibility kit for single family Click here to visit this podcast episode