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047: Win The Game Of Life And Beat The Boss Level With Joshua Church

Imagine your favorite video game What is it you love about that game What makes it so fun to play Now imagine real life for a moment What if your real life was actually a video game In this episode enter the matrix with Founder of Edge Theory Labs and former Director of Operations at High Impact Coaching Joshua Church He helps high performers stress less and achieve more is a sought-after coach around the world leads transformational retreats in remote locations and helps you operate as a more happy healthy and successful human being And we talk extensively about video games More specifically how your real life can be reframed as a game and how this mindset is not about escaping reality but bringing peace and power into every moment You will learn how to upgrade your own operating system so you can play this game of life at a higher level So press play and let s chat because it s time to take the controller into your own hands For show notes and links from this episode or to submit a question for host Zach White to answer in a future Q A go to www thehappyengineerpodcast com Ready for the next level in your career Then let s chat Book your FREE Coaching Session for podcast listeners at www CareerClarityCall com Rate Review and Follow I love Zach and The Happy Engineer Podcast If that sounds like you please consider rating and reviewing my show This helps me support more engineers — just like you — take the next step toward the career and life that they desire On Apple Podcasts click our show scroll to the bottom tap to rate with five stars and select Write a Review Then be sure to let me know what you loved most about the episode Remember we only spread our message when you share this episode with others that need it So if you enjoy this podcast please SHARE it on your social media and tag TheHappyEngineerPodcast so I can say hi and thank you Also if you haven t done so already subscribe to the podcast I ll be releasing a lot of new content including bonus episodes to the feed and if you re not subscribed there s a good chance you ll miss out Subscribe now For all the extras related to this episode remember to visit www thehappyengineerpodcast comClick here to visit this podcast episode