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059: Music Is MY Motivation

You may or may not have known this but music isn t just a means of entertaining ourselves Music inspires creativity and productivity Music has therapeutic effects on our brain and works to relieve feelings of stress to boost your ability to focus and concentrate on tasks Listening to MUSIC influences the co-ordination of activity inside and across various sections of the brain Studies analyzing patterns of electrical activity across the brain display that harmonization of brain signals is crucial for linking perceptual cognitive and motor processes For example when you re writing a paper for school or a memo to circulate around the office songs with lyrics can be very counterproductive Music w words launches your brain into multi-tasking mode which basically replicates another person communicating with you while your writing NOT HELPFUL For writing and reading oriented tasks instrumental music is best for optimal learning and efficiency On the other hand music w lyrics is beneficial for projects that are repetitive and mind-numbing ascribing the lyrics to the workflow gets you in the groove for lack of a better term In general research has shown that music has positive effects on our brain helping to repair it from mental fatigue caused by work school stress and LIFE in general How can music help battle fatigue and increase motivation By listening to music you bring something new and fresh which helps your brain escape the routine and get a little bit distracted In this case distraction is good it fuels your brain to continue working and improves your physical endurance Quote Songs express who we are and how we feel they bring us closer to others they keep us company when we are alone They articulate our beliefs and values and they bear witness to our lives Songs weave tales of our joys and sorrows they reveal our innermost secrets and they express our hopes and disappointments our fears and triumphs They are our musical diaries our life stories They are the sounds of our personal development Dr Kenneth Bruscia Music is the sound of our personal development Music means something entirely unique to every individual but for myself it s always been a motivational tool Music has provided me with the motivation necessary to study work-out create content and just CRUSH it in daily-life We all have certain songs that make up the playlist or soundtrack of our lives but what if we could optimize the music listening experience to increase productivity creativity and our ability to focus Today we re going to discuss what type tempo and tone of music to listen to in order to maximize your brain s functionality and output https mruddo comClick here to visit this podcast episode