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106. Mike Derosier – Heart

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Todays very special guest is Mike Derosier the renowned drummer of the iconic band Heart Mike Derosier a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee shares his fascinating experiences from his time with Heart from the 1970s to the early 1980s contributing his incredible drumming skills to multiple platinum-selling albums Listen in as Mike talks about his early days with Heart joining the band and recording under tight time constraints Discover how the band honed their sound through electrifying live performances playing residencies and sharing the stage with iconic bands like The Who Rolling Stones Bee Gees and Rod Stewart As the conversation unfolds Mike discusses the changing landscape of the music industry and reflects on the influence of platforms like YouTube and TikTok Not only does Mike reminisce about his time with Heart but he also talks about his journey after leaving the band He shares insights into his collaboration with Orion the Hunter working with fellow musicians Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp from Boston and Richard Marx Throughout the episode Mike emphasizes his love for playing classic rock and the importance of representing the songs properly He discusses the creative process within a rock band the significance of establishing agreements and roles as well as his favorite songs to drum like Barracuda and Mistral Wind Don t miss this unforgettable episode of VRP Rocks with special guest Mike Derosier where the magic and nostalgia of classic rock come to life Tune in crank up the volume and get ready to rock out If you re a fan of Heart check out episode 21 of VRP Rocks to hear another version of events from the band with an exclusive interview with Heart s original bass player Steve Fossen Learn more about your ad choices Visit megaphone fm adchoices

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