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2. Life On Venus? | Dr Paul B. Rimmer

Dr Paul B Rimmer is one of the scientists who contributed to the discovery of a potential biomarker phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus In this podcast we explore what does this finding actually mean and go through the details of their publication Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus The video podcast is available here https youtu be syQmBJkpfw8Paul details the journey of this discovery lead by Prof Jane S Greaves which took almost 4 years and involved a large collaboration including Cardiff University the University of Manchester the MIT Kyoto Sangyo University the Imperial College the Open University and the East Asian Observatory This publication was authored by Jane S Greaves Anita M S Richards William Bains Paul B Rimmer Hideo Sagawa David L Clements Sara Seager Janusz J Petkowski Clara Sousa-Silva Sukrit Ranjan Emily Drabek-Maunder Helen J Fraser Annabel Cartwright Ingo Mueller-Wodarg Zhuchang Zhan Per Friberg Iain Coulson E lisa Lee and Jim Hoge nbsp Paul explains that we do not know any abiotic phosphine PH3 production routes in Venus s atmosphere clouds surface and subsurface or from lightning volcanic or meteoritic delivery Paul explores the possibility that phosphine PH3 nbsp could either originate from unknown photochemistry or geochemistry or building upon a previous work by one of the co-authors of this work Clara Sousa-Silva from the presence of life Finally Paul lays down a roadmap for future investigations to better understand the origin of phosphine on Venus involving a tandem work between laboratory measurements and ground-based telescope observations We also discuss the role of media and click bait news which came out with titles suggesting life on Venus and extraterrestrial or alien life on Venus nbsp Click here to visit this podcast episode