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#204: Cost Segregation In Action: Tax Solutions And Cash Returns

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In this episode we continue to unravel the mystery of tax strategies as we dig deeper into cost segregation what it means how it works and the benefits it offers your year-end taxation and cash-on-cash return So don t miss these wealth-generating opportunities made available through real estate WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE What is straight-line depreciation and how is it calculated Cost segregation Definition categories and advantages How cost segregation works on a specific property The impact of tax strategies on your cash-on-cash return RESOURCE MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE 203 The TAX CODE Magic with Warren Taryle CONNECT WITH US If you need help with anything in real estate please email invest rpcinvest com Reach Ron RP Capital Leave podcast reviews and topic suggestions iTunes Subscribe and get additional info Get Real Estate Success Facebook Group Cash Flow Property Facebook Community Click here to visit this podcast episode