21 – How To Have Everlasting Life In Christ Jesus

For more info please visit www VoiceBoxMe com Ray Comforts YouTube Channelalso Frank Tureks Youtube Channel Not Sponsored Podcast Description Today s segment is one that is close to our hearts often as a Christian I have been asked Chris the question of How do I know im saved And fellow Christians the fact that you re asking this shows me you want to be saved and more then likely are by proxy of the desire to be saved by Christ However you have ended up where you are because discipleship and institutional pastoral-ship training has forgotten the main purpose of a pastor and that is to teach and share the Gospel This Gospel is how you can be saved so today we look at this question How can I be sure I am saved and we answer it for you Please share this podcast so more people can be saved Our Links Patreon Visit Website nbsp Merch nbsp nbsp Courses Join Discord nbsp Coffee Skillshare nbsp -Share This Podcast amp Leave us a 5 Rating and Review Skillshare – Learn How To Podcast Sign up for Skillshare and get 2 Months Free Membership and also check out our course on PodcastingDisclaimer This post contains affiliate links If you make a purchase I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you Support the show https www buymeacoffee com voicebox