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219 – The Science Of Success W/Dr Shawn Talbott

What is it that gives elite athletes and entrepreneurs that slight edge How can you stay in the flow longer Did you know that you have a 2nd brain that can affect your moods and affect your financial health too Cash Flow Expert Chris Miles interviews nutritional scientist Dr Shawn Talbott and discusses these questions and other secrets that have improved Chris and Shawn s performance as well as other high-level performers Great cutting edge stuff Check it out Dr Shawn Talbott Bio Dr Shawn Talbott is responsible for Amare s research development and product strategy Dr Shawn s experiences have all lead to him finding his true passion at Amare using his skills experience to help people feel better through improved mental wellness and psychological vigor mental acuity physical energy and emotional well-being He has served as a nutrition educator for elite-level athletes in a variety of sports An athlete himself Dr Shawn has competed at the national and international level in rowing cycling and triathlons Dr Talbott s recent projects include two academic texts an award-winning documentary film and several best-selling books that have been translated into multiple languages His work to educate people about nutrition and health has been featured on The Dr Oz Show the TED stage and the White House He received his Master s degree in Exercise Science and his Ph D in Nutritional Biochemistry He is also a Diplomate of the International Olympic Committee s IOC Sports Nutrition program and has completed a wide range of entrepreneurship studies at MIT Click here to visit this podcast episode