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264. Building Trust With Your Investors With Laura Alamery

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Laura Alamery is and has been a real estate investor for over 30 years She now mentors new and experienced real estate investors nationwide Laura has experience in all aspects of residential real estate investing from wholesale buy and hold fix and flip and raising private money From acquisition to disposition of the properties she has a team of investors and partners with proven track record who can do it all Laura shares her wisdom on how to become a passive investor and she gives her advice on how to empower women in the real estate industry If you re interested visit her website at http www lauraalamery com 00 01 – 04 45 Opening Segment Laura shares her story on how she moved from the mainland of Hawaii and started buying rental properties using creative financing strategies to avoid bank loans In 1996 she shifted her focus to developing passive income through wholesaling real estate She currently works with private investors to help them invest in quality properties 04 46 – 08 02 Building Trust With Your Investors Laura discusses how she started buying and holding rental properties in the Midwest in the early 1990s She quit her corporate job to become a full-time real estate investor He uses a combination of lease options subject to two mortgages and contract for deeds to build his rental portfolio In 2001 she started going into syndication raising private money and was very transparent with her investors In 2007 she had a difficult conversation with her investors about whether or not to cash out 08 03 – 12 36 Closing Segment Laura shares that she s focused on empowering women to invest in real estate Laura invites you to visit her website at http www lauraalamery com Laura shares where you can get in contact with her links below Quote s I like to sell the business because you can do it from anywhere in the world You can definitely travel and be more hands off Laura Alamery You can connect with Laura through his Website http www lauraalamery com Instagram lauraalamery Facebook https www facebook com RealEstateInvestingMentorship YouTube https www youtube com user realestatementorship WANT TO LEARN MORE Connect with me through LinkedIn Or send me an email at sujata luxe-cap com Visit my website www luxe-cap com or my YouTube channel Thanks for tuning in If you liked my show LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW like and subscribe Click here to visit this podcast episode