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284. How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome And Succeed In Real Estate With Abigail Thomson

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Abigail Thomson is the CMO of Thomson Multi-Family Group Abigail has been able to effectively communicate the company s goals and mission with all involved at every stage She is able to bring a youthful perspective that creates a fresh and new dynamic for the group She is constantly trying to innovate and bring creative ideas to the table She is excited to take these concepts and create her version of the Next Level American Dream She encourages listeners to learn more about her and her work via her website social media platforms and podcast 00 01 – 01 50 Opening Segment Abigail is a 22-year-old real estate multifamily syndicator and has experienced imposter syndrome She tells us about overcoming imposter syndrome as a two-part process Understanding why you re doing what you re doing Having confidence in yourself 01 51 – 05 02 How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Succeed in Real Estate Abigail shares how to overcome feelings of imposter syndrome as a young woman Have conversations with people and learn as much as possible How does imposter syndrome begin to creep in 05 03 – 07 50 Closing Segment Abigail discusses her experience with imposter syndrome Feeling comfortable and uncomfortable is a key power in entrepreneurship Abigail shares where you can get in contact with her links below Quote s I have also started to realize that once my imposter syndrome starts to creep in that means that I am just slightly uncomfortable in a situation and I ve rewired my brain to realize that those are the situations that I need to be in Abigail Thomson You can connect with Abigail through her Website https www thomsonmultifamilygroup com Facebook Abigail Thomson LinkedIn Abigail Thomson Instagram Abigail Thomson Apple Podcast Abigail Thomson Spotify Abigail Thomson YouTube Abigail Thomson WANT TO LEARN MORE Connect with me through LinkedIn Or send me an email at sujata luxe-cap com Visit my website www luxe-cap com or my YouTube channel Thanks for tuning in If you liked my show LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW like and subscribe Click here to visit this podcast episode