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285. Develop Good Habits And Regaining Confidence With Ken Van Liew

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Ken Van Liew is the 1 international bestselling author of the Modern Wealth Building Formula an educator engineer and public speaker and a world-renowned authority on Real Estate Investment and Development One of Ken s most recent accomplishments is approving the largest project in Franklin County NC history He created the Modern Wealth Building Formula Coaching Program and the Global Real Estate Investment Enterprise the world s highest real estate education and training level He sincerely helps people achieve their financial goals and freedom business success real estate and their dreams in life For more information about Ken Van Liew go to https kenvanliew com 00 01 – 05 39 Opening Segment Ken discusses the 2008 financial crisis and how it affected his projects He explains that because he did not have a long development process He was able to quickly sell off his properties and repay his loans 05 40 – 11 01 Develop Good Habits and Regaining Confidence Ken recounts the darkest time of his life He advises being certain with uncertainty Cracking the code for pouring concrete in New York which regained his confidence in real estate Pivoting and creating new habits to keep things going He credits time-blocking journaling and merging relationships as key habits that helped him through his tough time 11 02 – 14 44 Closing Segment Ken shares his story of starting out in real estate and being successful Ken shares where you can get in contact with him links below Quote s You don t have to work that hard if you work smart Ken Van Liew You can connect with Ken through his Website https globalrestrategies com Website https kenvanliew com LinkedIn Ken Van Liew WANT TO LEARN MORE Connect with me through LinkedIn Or send me an email at sujata luxe-cap com Visit my website www luxe-cap com or my YouTube channel Thanks for tuning in If you liked my show LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW like and subscribe Click here to visit this podcast episode