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286. Leave A Lasting Impact In The World With Kevin Dugan

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Kevin Dugan is the CEO of Altus Investment Group He focuses on providing market-leading returns through value-add real estate investments for clients who are looking to add significant cash flow and passive income to their portfolios Kevin has 7 years of real estate experience and through his years of investing has built a vertically integrated investment firm based out of Chicago that has property management general construction and sales acquisitions all in house He is also the co-founder of MultiFamilyMasters com MFM MFM started as a meetup group focused on multifamily real estate investing based in Los Angeles CA It has grown to over 3000 members and 50 locations around the world in just 2 years MFM s mission is to connect educate and build the world s best multifamily real estate investing community To learn more about Kevin and his work visit http www altusig com 00 01 – 01 50 Opening Segment Kevin discusses his mission Kevin s origin story His inspiration came from Rich Dad Poor Dad Have a good relationship with your contractor 01 51 – 05 02 Invest With The Right People Kevin shares that you can learn from people who have succeeded in sales and entrepreneurship Create a product that is a good fit for your target market Networking is one of the most important aspects of business 05 03 – 07 50 Closing Segment Kevin encourages listeners to cultivate the life that they want and what they do to push the ball forward in that direction Kevin shares where you can get in contact with him links below Quote s Go to people that you know who know people where you want to be or invest in places where you have family and invest in places that you can imagine yourself being more frequent So it comes down to people Kevin Dugan You can connect with Kevin through his Website http www altusig com LinkedIn Kevin Dugan Twitter Kevin Dugan Facebook Kevin Dugan YouTube Kevin Dugan WANT TO LEARN MORE Connect with me through LinkedIn Or send me an email at sujata luxe-cap com Visit my website www luxe-cap com or my YouTube channel Thanks for tuning in If you liked my show LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW like and subscribe Click here to visit this podcast episode