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334. Building A Recession Resistant Real Estate Business With Tom Laune

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Tom had a unique path to creating the Bulletproof Wealth strategy He enjoyed a 30-year career in the music industry as a recording engineer and producer working with acts as diverse as R E M Bruce Springsteen and Amy Grant Early in his career his financial professional recommended a disability income policy something he didn t even know existed Several decades later Tom suffered a high-frequency hearing loss while mixing a record and was no longer able to continue the job he loved At that time his disability income policy became the most valuable possession he owned It provided consistent tax-free monthly income payments that allowed him to go back to school and learn how to help others protect their financial futures by becoming a Chartered Financial Consultant a Chartered Life Underwriter and a Chartered Special Needs Consultant He also became an authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner After many years of education and research Tom created the Bulletproof Wealth strategy to help others protect their income and grow wealth The secret to his strategy is teaching people to use money like banks do to earn much higher rates of return than the average investor In this episode Tom recommends being on the lookout for people who can add value to your work and then seeking out their help to up-level your skills These types of relationships can be beneficial in any area of life as they allow you to grow in areas in which you may not be experts He shares that he has been involved in a lot of successful businesses and has found that being around highly effective people has had a positive impact on her growth To learn more about Tom listeners can visit his website at Bulletproof Wealth 00 01 – 03 40 Opening Segment Tom shares how he s been able to grow his business through referrals from other successful entrepreneurs 03 41 – 07 27 Building A Recession Resistant Real Estate Business He talks about mindset and how it s important to have a positive outlook in order to be successful He has been involved in a lot of high-impact projects and has had great results from being around highly effective people The more you are around professionals the better you will be able to learn and grow There are a variety of organizations and people that can provide you with the opportunities and mind expansion you need to reach your goals He shares his story of how he became successful in real estate and how he s able to help others achieve the same goals 07 28 – 11 01 Closing Segment Tom encourages listeners to learn more about him and his strategy of Bulletproof Wealth Tom shares where you can get in contact with him links below Quote s If I was going to get into multi-family investing for example I would never want to do it on my own I would want to be working with somebody who s done it before and has closed many successful deals Tom Laune You can connect with Tom through his Website Bulletproof Wealth Facebook Bulletproof Wealth LinkedIn Tom Laune WANT TO LEARN MORE Connect with me through LinkedIn Or send me an email at sujata luxe-cap com Visit my website www luxe-cap com or my YouTube channel Thanks for tuning in If you liked my show LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW like and subscribe Click here to visit this podcast episode