#35: Top 10 Gifts For Sailors!

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Time for another top 10 list With Christmas around the corner here is my Top 10 Gifts for sailors I also have a couple of other episodes that may help you find some goodies for your sailor or yourself including EP 1 Top 10 Comfort Items for Sailors EP 9 My Top 8 Sailing Books and EP 3 Safety First What Safety Gear do you Need Check out my FREE TOP 10 Comfort Items for Sailors Shopping List The usual things to keep in mind Is this item multipurpose Is this item easy to use Is this item durable and not breakable Is this item easy to store Is this item practical Here are this year s goods Alright top 10 lists are one of my favourite things to come up with Here we go Gloves gloves gloves your sailor will go through at least one set of gloves every season So gloves are always welcome especially if they are for different types of weather or season There are MANY to chose from Here are a couple styles makes that I have had luck with Gill Championship Sailing Glove Long Finger Amara Spandex Short Fingers Gloves and generic Helly Hansen work gloves for cold-weather sails or boat work Handheld compass I absolutely LOVE my handheld compass I specifically like to use the Plastimo Iris 50 Hand Held Compass Base layers so this is probably the least sexy thing you can buy your sailor LOL but being warm out there is SO nice And there are so many fun options and weights Check out my episode all about base layers EP 11 Base Layers How to layer up for the occasion Click here to visit this podcast episode