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#387: Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans On Mind/Body Connection, Functional Mushrooms And The Life Changing Power Of Psilocybin!

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Rashad is a former UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion and UFC Hall of Famer Rashad knows a thing or two about the connection between mind and body and the importance of having both in sync He credits mushrooms for that one-two punch of focus energy in training and competition and then easing the transition from fighter to just getting back to being me He is passionate about transforming sports nutrition and transforming access to education so that others can have the same opportunities that he did Sports injuries and the lasting mental damage caused as a result can impact athletes for decades even after they ve left the game This is especially true in high contact sports like football and mixed martial arts The conversation is now turning towards functional mushrooms and the health benefits they could be holding when it comes to supporting injured players Here are some of the things we talked about in today s podcast The evolution in sports nutrition with functional mushrooms Micro dosing psilocybin Spiritual dosages of psilocybin and the profound impacts it had on Rashad s life The most underrated functional mushrooms for gut health and recovery And much more Social media Instagram https www instagram com sugarashadevans hl en Twitter – https twitter com SugaRashadEvans Facebook – https www facebook com sugarashadevans https getumbo comClick here to visit this podcast episode