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429 Why You Should Niche Down In Real Estate-Agostino Pintus

In this episode you ll learn Risk is eliminated when time is taken to study underwrite and by just being smart about it How to manage risk One way to decide if a deal is good is to try to kill the deal try to not make it work and if it still survives then its probably a deal to jump on Getting a mentor could help learn and move faster The real implications of using your time wisely You can either use your time to fill your head with knowledge or garbage If the lens is always focused on the negative you ll live a negative life but if the lens is focused on the positive you ll live a positive life There s many more eyes on multifamily then there were before and is seen as a safe haven Book Recommendation On the shortness of life by Seneca the Younger To connect with Agostino please visit these websites YouTube- Bulletproof Cashflow Instagram – www instagram com bulletproofcashflow Facebook – web facebook com bulletproofcashflow Sponsor Kaliser Associates is your one-stop shop for all thing s real estate For more information and a free consultation please go to Kaliserlaw com Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode Creative Real Estate Podcast Click here to visit this podcast episode