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471 How To Find A Greater Purpose In Real Estate – Paul Montelongo

EPISODE SUMMARY Real Estate is a wonderful avenue to grown your wealth and attain success But is success and monetary gain all we are after How do we find purpose and true fulfillment in the real estate industry Our guest Paul Montelongo shares his philosophy in this episode In this episode you ll learn It is physically and emotionally easier to work when a deeper meaning is attached With the right mindset work would be effortless and money will flow in By having a positive mindset towards the world you re already ahead of the game Having a holistic approach and implementing it spreads positive energy Make friends with negative emotions instead of resisting them Guest s Bio Paul Montelongo is a life-long investor entrepreneur and business owner Paul has built owned and operated eight multi-million dollar businesses in his 38-year career These companies have generated over 60million in revenue and have employed well over a thousand people He invests in underperforming specialty properties in emerging markets i e marinas resort properties apartment units events facilities as well as residential properties Currently Paul has investments in 555 units in five different markets in the country These units are comprised of multi-family apartments marina events and resort assets Contact Guest at paulmontelongo com Connect With Us To connect with Jason please email or call him at Phone 303 949-8662 Email crep ecospace com Wesbite Ecospace We look forward to hearing from you Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episodeClick here to visit this podcast episode