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Hotep feat. David Armstrong – EZ PZ

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About This Single

EZ PZ- if you can imagine a Schoolhouse Rocks song, performed by Dr Seuss over a melody from the original Nintendo Super Mario Bros video game…then you’ve got EZ PZ. An instant classic!

About Hotep

Former kindergarten teacher turned children’s content creator, Hotep is a mixed media artist whose releases include: kids books, educational games, films and yes…music! His works are a colorful retro throwback to the 80s when MTV, Nintendo and Sesame Street reigned supreme.

The Album:

“Brotherhood” is an audio-visual joyride through the childhood memories of a wildly creative ’80s baby. Conductor Hotep and ticketmaster David Armstrong take young listeners through a fun, uplifting and empowering retro roller coaster that parents (and even grandparents) will love! Presave at  
Total Engagement: 258* / Genre:KIDS

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