A New World Teacher With Dick Larson

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A New World Teacher This Thursday on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes counselor and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings Dick Larson Dick Larson is a counselor with a background in education who addresses the issues of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings meditation and practical spirituality in everyday life He has been a guest on radio talk shows nationwide co-hosted a radio program and produced and hosted a series of public access television shows that currently air around the nation In these difficult times he sees great hope in this new cosmic cycle of life on planet Earth and tries to help others see the same Larson entertains and inspires as he shares his strong convictions about the future that we are now in a very special time of world change one that offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth and positive transformation in our world community and in every aspect of our lives Segment 1 Sam welcome his loyal listener and thanking them for coming each week The Universe Quote Whatever you have to say say it with love What kind of energy are you putting into your words Pay attention to your energy and your people The more we look at different things we have different energy or different vibration the more we draw them to us Think of where you are putting your focus on What are you paying attention to Segment 2 Sam introduced his special guest Dick Larson Dick talk about his life and what he is doing after retiring from being a business person Dick talks about the different teachings that he learned throughout life He talks about the different teachings that he was taught throughout the years Dick explains about how the world may be greeted by the new world spiritual teacher He also explains how the teachings don t contradict any of the religions teachings Segment 3 Sam and Dick continues to talk about the possible new world spiritual teacher and the speculation behind a single person The year 2020 can be the year of perfect visions The transition between the Pisces Era and the Aquarius Era They continue to talk about what can probably happen during the Aquarius Era the many changes that can make the world more peaceful Segment 4 Sam and Dick continues to talk about the alinement of energy as well as the transitional Dick talks about how the everyday people will be heard and that the leaders are going to have to listen them Dick explains how people with the wealth and power will soon lose their power and their wealth having no power to command This could level the play field and making the people have slightly more power Dick talks how astrology and religion teaching line up with each other Click here to visit this podcast episode