A Podcast To Protect You Online? A podcast against cybersecurity holes.

Claudette McGowan is the Global Executive Officer for Cyber Security for TD Bank. Check out her podcast as she shows us how to protect ourselves against phishing scams, robocalls, corporate hacks and online scammers. Claudette interviews cybersecurity experts and even the victims themselves. This podcast is very professionally-produced and sound like those Netflix documentaries. Some of our favorite episodes are below.

Our Favorite Episodes on CSuite:

Kids Online: Not All Fun And Games

A lot of podcast listeners have kids and we are always worried about our kids being safe and in most cases, anonymous online, but when you hear THIS episode, you realize that social media that kids trust like SnapChat, Tik Tok, Instagram and social video games like Fortnite make kids vulnerable and the naivety that comes with the fun of these social networks and at the same time, exposing them to scammers, especially with a lot of them attending school at home during the Covid 19 pandemic. This episode interviews the children themselves as they tell us where they love to spend their time online and how scammers send them fake deals to get them to click and provide their personal information, sometimes a social security number or a password to one of the their favorite social media profile and how those social interactions spiral out of control.

Ring Ring Robocall

We hate these types of calls and they waste our time and make us nervous when we receive those annoying calls that threaten us to take action or our lives will be interrupted in annoying ways. These types of calls although they seem harmless are not. They are annoying. Even when we are on the Do Not Call list, the Robocallers don’t care. You cannot avoid them. This episode talks about the all time high on Robocalls and how many there really are including issues with the FTC (Federal Trade Commisson). This episode includes interviews with the victims and experts including the professional sounding and legit like it was coming from a real government agency. Examples of this podcast episode provide the types of calls including the victim owing money and special retail deals. Then, when the victims talk about recognizing a call in their own phone exchange and area code, they think it is a local call coming from friends or family since the phone number looks legit locally. This episode also explains how to recognize robocalls and how they spoof your local number and how easy they are to implement. Also, this episode identifies the good robocalls from the bad robocalls.

The Real Price of Ransomware

We know very little about ransomware even though they have been around for over 5 years, we will know very little about them, but this podcast episode teaches us about the damage that randsomware and how serious they are. They are becoming more prevalent and this podcast episode makes us very aware of that and how it keeps our computers locked down until we pay the attacker. We also hear from Patti who is a victim of a randomware and how common they really are. We never know that randomare is reaching a $20 billion global rate. Patti also explains what she went through and her reaction and how much money she lost. Claudette also interviews intelligence agent, Robert, and CEO of MaRS Discovery District, Yung Wu, on the process how ransomware actually works.