A Stroke Of Genius

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A Stroke Of Genius This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes two young film makers to his show Kyle Mengelkamp and Liam Alexander In 2017 Kyle and Liam set out across America to meet and film people who have overcome a life-changing medical event and are now thriving They return with a richer understanding of how the power of story connects us all StrokeOfGenius is a 9-part documentary series taking a deep look into the world of these individuals Through the series Kyle rediscovers how he bounced back from a debilitating stroke he had 21 years ago at age 11 We explore recovery growth community family and never giving up Kyle and Liam host the weekly Instagram Live show TalkingGenius where they delve deep into the world of extraordinary community and thought leaders from around the world who have triumphed over extraordinary circumstances Kyle is a Creative Producer who works with the NY Mets Lacoste City of New York and several startups to produce impactful content He is a Graduate of Cal State University President of their Film Association and the Co-Director of NY House of Genius Liam is a Creative Director and Film Creator of independent projects for major brands like Wix com Samsung and Renaissance Hotels He is an Award winning Fine Artist Graduate of Parsons School of Design board member ASMP NY and Creative Director of The Influencers Sam speaks about the universe supporting us The universe is not out to get us but here to support us in many ways When we learn our truth and apply to our everyday life the truth is how we show up matters If we allow others to go through what they go through they work through it in time By staying in our joy we make our universe better Stroke of Genius Documentary Introduction of Kyle and Liam Creators of Stroke of Genius Documentary Kyle suffered from a brain aneurysm and had a stroke at eleven years old Kyle discusses how the stroke has affected his life and rehabilitating from a brain aneurysm finding life and hope after doctors said he would never play basketball again Segment 1 Kyle had to relearn everything from his mom to everyday objects After the stroke he touched on creating new memories Adjusting to middle school and high School and trying to reconnect with old friends Kyle explains his emotional journey to get old friends back Segment 2 Kyle decided to use his love of basketball and film as motivation to follow his passion He created the Kyle Style Liam and Kyle met at Wix lounge Kyle asked Liam if he wanted to drive around the country and create a documentary Liam said yes A friendship was born Segment 3 Kyle discusses how he left his celebration of life for many years He could not relate to being a stroke survivor Kyle met a woman named Tammy at an event who became the catalyst behind Stroke of Genius Tammy heard Kyle s story and asked for his information Finally Tammy and Kyle meet and she says to him Stroke of Genius and it was a serendipity moment for him Things begin to take off from there Liam and Kyle also discuss their road trip and stopping in Tennessee to meet a young man named Jessie Kyle says meeting Jessie was a turning point for him Segment 4 Liam discusses what they discovered in creating the documentary He likened it to an awakening Liam speaks about the meaning of the Stroke of Genius documentary He talks about when you share your story of triumph and how adversity bonds us together Kyle discusses how he has changed during the creation of the documentary of Stroke of Genius and knew that this was his purpose In closing the show Kyle and Liam discuss how taking a road trip together has strengthened their relationship and express their gratitude for the experience You can find Liam and Kyle at www shareyourstrokeofgenius org Stroke of Genius is set to be released in 2020 Click here to visit this podcast episode