Amanda Hearst: A Better World For All Beings

Because we re told of so many problems and issues around the world we get overwhelmed And if you tell someone okay this is what s going on and this is what you can do That s a bit different people are like okay that s actionable – Amanda Hearst Amanda Hearst is co-founder of Well Beings an organization that unites animal welfare and environmental protection throughout the globe – from closing down puppy mills in the American South to stopping deforestation in South America Their most recent campaign is to stop the fires in the Bolivian Amazon and because of COVID-19 they ve also been campaigning to stop the next pandemic by preventing wildlife trafficking in the rainforests – which has been linked to the spread of similar coronaviruses Amanda is also co-founder of the luxury sustainable fashion retailer Maison de Mode Check out their cruelty-free edit it s absolutely stunning Click here to visit this podcast episode