An Initiated Man With Adam Lamb

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Segment 1 We always have a tendency to judge and when we are in situations we tend to resist or wish they were over and this makes the situations worse If we saw the gift in those difficult situations or stop judging those situations instead of resisting we don t miss out on the richness that helps us grow and improve We are the creators of our life if there are things we desire in our life that are not showing up the most productive question we can ask is where am I out of vibrational alignment with what I want The masculine has been so abusive of its power for so long and we don t want to deny it so how to we embrace it move forward and not continue to utilize this abusive power over those who don t have power Segment 2 This shift from thinking that you are a great leader to trying to be a great leader and then trying to help people to choose to lead a more fulfilling life You can think that you have faced these demons and moved passed them but that is not always the case everyone has something they can work on or need to face As we practice more self-care we learn that sometimes it is okay to just play and not always work because the play gives us the strength to do the work Part of Adam s practice is expressing love for himself and letting go of the judgments that he has made about himself or that other people have made about him Instead of enjoying where he was he was always looking over the fence at where he could be instead of leaning into the experience Segment 3 An Initiated Man Finally by Adam Lamb the issue with the old forms of masculinity is being encouraged to soldier away and struggle by yourself in a new harmonized form of manhood ask for help when you need it and then receive it The inspiration for this book is growing up in this mixed culture family and being exposed to these forms of masculinity and the strong women in his family and exploring these lessons and how they were complete bullshit A broadening of this idea Adam s masculinity as it relates to his wife and the lessons he carried with him from growing up Growing up Adam got the idea that confrontation is a bad thing and as a result let the person he was in a relationship with think whatever they wanted in order to keep the peace and holding them responsible for his happiness which prompted a need for change within him Segment 4 Harmonized masculinity and the need to become truly masculine without being ego centered self-centered or domineering The feminine is rising up and standing up for themselves but there is a danger in that things can go too far the other way as well we need to be both balanced in the feminine and masculine and emasculating a man isn t gonna get you what you want Adam created a men s circle so that men can come together in a supportive environment and be heard and ask for what they want even though the answer may be no With all the different problems in the world the divine feminine and masculine need to be ascended at the same time to solve the problems If men can t find a group to do the work they have to create it and not to be afraid to find or create a space to do the work that needs to get done and take on oneself To learn more about Adam s work got to adammlamb com Click here to visit this podcast episode