ASAP Podcast With Maryland Terrapins Performance Coordinator Mason Baggett

Take one step into the University of Maryland s Football Strength Conditioning facility and you ll be ready to grab a trapbar or attempt a set of logbar bench presses Stuff can get crazy in there with the Assistant A D for Football Sports Performance Rick Court who seemingly can be in multiple places at one time His enthusiasm is infectious and the Terrapins are beginning to show evidence of over a year under Coach Court s watchful eyes Not much gets past him and you d best bring your A game or things could go south real quickly The players are feeling the love They re also starting to look like bigtime college football players Coach Rick Court has orchestrated this scenario with Head Football Coach D J Durkin and together they have huge plans for the program at Maryland Of the many things that Court has under his umbrella one big part is adding Mason Baggett as the team s Football Performance Coordinator This move propels Maryland Football in unison with current sports science models Bi-weekly meetings with the Sports Med Dept the team nutritionist academics as well as strength training operations and strength staff professional development keep Coach Baggett on the constant go And let s not forget his personal workout time that allows him to try to stay a step in front of the young Terrapins As a matter of fact myself and NFL sports science tracking data expert Ted Lambrinides witnessed Mason perform a reverse heavy ball toss from the 10 yard line that sailed over the crossbar Coach Baggett and I sat down in the Maryland Football Tight-Ends room to record this ASAP Podcast during our visit to College Park last week Also Coach Court Baggett Lambrinides and myself donned construction site hard hats for an exclusive tour of the renovation progress of the venerable Cole Fieldhouse a 200 million dollar undertaking that promises to be one of the top training facilities in the world Stop back to our ASAP website for facility update photos For now here s the ASAP Podcast with Coach Mason Baggett Click here to visit this podcast episode