Awaken To The Awaken Fair With Paula Caracappa

SPECIAL BROADCAST This Thursday after his regular show The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam brings you a special edition of his show to introduce ou to Paula Caracappa founder and owner of the Awaken Fair This will be a panel with several guests who are speakers at the Awaken Fair including Elliott Landry Zoey Roberts and others Join us for this special edition and for more great conversations and learn all about this amazing event taking place on April 22nd 2018 Segment 1 Dr Tranquility is in the house Sam introduces Paula Karacapa the founder and owner of Awaken Fair this Sunday and Photographer Elliott Landy famous for his photos of musicians like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix Awaken Fair is a gathering that shares holistic practices and ideals Through energy Elliott brings people into what he calls essence or sharing stillness The Awaken Fair is about bringing people to a better place Negativity tries to pull us in the wrong direction We don t need to swim so hard The energy is there for us to float across Segment 2 Holistic technologies and keynote speakers are just a few of what can be expected at the Awaken Fair Big names like Dr Eric Kaplan and Karen Cigna will be present for the fair The Awaken Fair is about sharing so don t be afraid to sample whatever ideas present themselves Sam takes a call from Karlissa a holistic aeromatic vendor at the Awaken Fair The vendors treat each other like family The fair is about community not competition Segment 3 Paula s vendors have the community s interests at heart Educating the community is a top priority for Awaken Fair The Awaken Fair takes place on April 26th from 10am to 5pm at the Double Tree Hotel on 455 S Broadway in Tarrytown NY Find out more info at Awakenfair com Segment 4 Sam and Paula take a call from Sasha another vendor at the Awaken Fair Sasha finds internal balance growth through her work at the fare Becoming whole in our journey is difficult without holding hands with one another The beginning and end are the same Divides force us to become hole instead of whole Sharing gifts is all we have Sam and Dr Tranquility will be speaking at Awaken Fair at 11 45am in Hudson Room B on Podcasting Your Way to Success Paula s word of advice just breathe Click here to visit this podcast episode