Baby Sleep: What’s Normal & Baby Sleep Schedules

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For many mamas baby apos s sleep can be a huge worry and cause us to second-guess every choice we make We apos ll talk about what apos s quot normal quot surrounding breathing and wake patterns and how to anticipate your baby apos s needs From sleep schedules to wake windows to co-sleeping we will discuss them all so you can decide what is best for you and your baby Feel free to email us at hello myessentialbirth com or DM us on Instagram myessentialbirth if you have any questions To Leave a Review Open Apple PodcastsFind Pregnancy amp Birth Made Easy podcastSelect Ratings and Reviews Click the stars Select Write a Review and tell us what was the most amazing comforting eye-opening thing that you loved Links Mentioned My Essential Birth CourseMy Essential Birth Instagram SIDS StatisticsLa Leche League ArticleClick here to visit this podcast episode