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Blueprint: Executive Branch & Executive Orders

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AK from the Black Republican Black Democrat Show joins us to kick off our discussion of the Executive Branch We discuss the growth in the number of executive orders each president has passed and the scope each order addresses What is the purpose of an executive order Are executive orders law Should presidents be able to choose their own cabinet members or should cabinets be selected by the people What should be the penalty for a President who passes unconstitutional executive orders We discuss all that and more — Don t miss it nbsp Welcome to the limited series Blueprint a collaboration between Ryan from Between the Liars and Ken from Taboo Topic This series is designed to envision a smaller federal government that is limited in power and scope much like the founding fathers originally intended Conservatives like to talk about smaller government but most don t know what that looks like in the 21st century besides the usual buzzwords Thus it s about time we start giving Americans this vision of a smaller government Ryan amp Ken take one issue they see with the current government and discuss it then they propose a constitutional amendment to rectify the situation At the end of this series they will finalize their amendments and you will have the opportunity to ratify them follow our social medias so you don t miss the vote Join the fun and the discussion but be sure to hit the like button subscribe and notification bell nbsp Subscribe to the newsletters the inspiration behind the Blueprint https kengine296 substack com nbsp Follow all social medias on Instagram Gettr amp Truth Social kengine express and Facebook through Taboo Topic https linktr ee kengine296Be sure to follow to stay up to date when by following these social media accounts so know when a Hot Seat or Voter s Eye Special comes out nbsp Be sure to tune in and follow Between the Liars on any social media platforms Between the Liars to stay up to date with their content nbsp Check out more from AK https linktr ee akkamara — This episode is sponsored by Anchor The easiest way to make a podcast https anchor fm app — Send in a voice message https anchor fm tabootopic message Support this podcast https anchor fm tabootopic supportClick here to visit this podcast episode