BOOST #5 | Switching To A Thriving Mindset

Welcome to this solo series called BOOST the purpose is to give you little BOOST to your day to further provide ways to create a thriving organisation Firstly what is a thriving mode Thriving is living and thinking abundantly Thriving is joyful and infectious Thriving is having plenty of energy and inspiration So how to do we switch to a thriving mode Here are some ways that will help you do that Commit that you will choose to find the good in every circumstance no matter the circumstance there are always possibilities – Remember failure is just feedback on your journey Fill your life with POSITIVITY not negativity some ways to do that Remind yourself of your purpose and Why and keep focused on it This remains the same despite your circumstances Practice gratitude as this elicits a positive state as it releases dopamine and serotonin two neurotransmitters that are responsible for our feel-good emotions Celebrate success no matter how small Do this on a personal level and on an individual level but also do it on a team level Look for achievements on a daily and weekly basis If you want support in helping your organisation thrive do get in contact with me https www julianrobertsconsulting com Click here to visit this podcast episode