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What is Hoodoo The Basics of this folk loreMy name is Lacie I m the host creator visual artist and producer Welcome to the Talk About Apples the podcast This is the folklore of the fictional character Dr Apples and his universe So enjoy In his 16th birthday Dr Apples was kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a doll He s traveled through various planets dimensions and realms He was tortured and was on his way to find his way to his mother nbsp nbsp 3 32 Hoodoo began as a religion Some argue that a hoodoo is a mixture of African practices native American influences and European Christian folk practice nbsp 4 24 Miss BaRule is a witch and also practices hoodoo She s extremely gifted in magic nbsp 4 53 Just because you found happiness and peace in your life does not mean that bad things don t happen to you It s a matter how you react and your energy towards them will help you maintain to your peace nbsp 5 32 Hoodoo can come in the forms of healing potions prayers and spells There are many resources that can be used and create the desired outcome or manifestations i e oils candles herbs amulets After the late 20th and earl 21st centuries hoodoo was believed to be capable of like paralysis weight loss hair loss miscarriages falling desperately in love with someone bodily pain and etc nbsp nbsp Thank you so much for joining us this week on Talk About Apples nbsp nbsp Mentioned in the podcast nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Visit http talkaboutapples com to subscribe to the show and comment every episode nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Stay up to date with the Dr Apples Universe by signing up to the newsletter nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Tune in every Tuesdays and Thursdays for new episodes and tell a friend about this folklore nbsp TalkAboutApples NEWSLETTER TalkAboutApplesClick here to visit this podcast episode