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Carving Your Own Path As A Business Owner With Chris Hurn

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Chris Hurn is the Founder and CEO of Fountainhead one of out only 14 non-bank direct commercial lending firms licensed by the SBA Fountainhead s leadership has a combined 300 years of commercial lending experience and to date the firm has financed over 28 billion in projects Chris joins the show to share his secret sauce for success that he has developed throughout his career journey how he founded and led Fountainhead to massive success even amidst the pandemic and working through labor shortages In this episode we discuss The need to support the entrepreneurial community The importance of finding the right people and putting them in the right places The limits of scaling as a one-man operation How to develop an unconventional approach in your business and carve your own path Uncle Sam s Secret Sauce is hosted by Rafael Marrero Founder and CEO of Rafael Marrero amp Company which helps small companies do business with the world s biggest customer the U S Federal Government Click here to visit this podcast episode