Change Management Unleashed: A Deep Dive With HR Expert Neil Hanley.

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I apos m joined by Neil Hanley an HR and change management expert We explore change as a superpower for shaping a better future emphasizing pattern recognition and self-awareness in adapting We discuss how individuals apos personalities stress tolerance and strengths influence their response to change Control and influence play a crucial role in managing change with a focus on providing people with a sense of control and time to process it Neil highlights the power of storytelling in engaging people during change and encourages challenging perspectives for personal growth We touch on self-care productivity techniques and strategies for handling change including thought records and memory reconsolidation The episode concludes by stressing the overlap between change and resilience advocating for embracing change and crafting a new normal Developing the ability to control change and allowing time for processing are key Listeners are urged to see change as a superpower enhance storytelling skills prioritize self-care and seize growth opportunities Neil Hanley apos s insights leave us inspired to thrive in our ever-evolving world Chapters0 00 09 Introduction to It apos s an Inside Job podcast0 00 45 Embracing Change The Only Constant in Life0 03 14 Introduction and background of the guest0 07 32 Pattern recognition and adaptation to change0 10 33 Embracing Change with Self-Awareness0 14 39 Three Key Points about Change Diversity Control and Time0 21 10 Change and Engagement The Power of Visualization0 26 18 The Importance of Stories in Change Processes0 29 30 Challenging the narratives around change0 32 34 Turning frustration into action0 35 04 The Power of Patterns and Adapting to Change0 37 35 Helping People Understand Their Inner Dialogue0 39 58 Questioning Interpretations and Finding Alternative Perspectives0 45 07 Balancing Support and Challenge for Optimal Performance0 49 54 Starting with self-coaching and the importance of thought records1 00 31 Recalling and Reengineering Memories for Emotional Processing1 06 27 Gamifying Change and Building Resilience Skills1 10 25 Appreciating what we had and seizing opportunities for improvement1 15 18 Delving into the Power of Storytelling and ResilienceNeil Hanley apos s contact information LinkedIn https www linkedin com in neilhanley Website https www hanley no CONNECT WITH ME webpage www MINDtalk noInstagram itsaninsidejob MINDtalkLinkedIn JasonLiemTwitter MINDtalkCoachEmail mindtalk email comTagsepisode change Neil Hanley expSoaring to New HealthWe re talking Medicare Stars what it is why it s important challenges strategies Listen on Apple Podcasts nbsp SpotifySupport the showSign up for the weekly IT apos S AN INSIDE JOB NEWSLETTER takes 5 seconds to fill out receive a fresh update every Wednesday

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