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Choosing The Right Property Management. The Journey To Legacy Wealth Part 4 Of 6

Self-managing can be very stressful for most property owners It can be difficult to maintain the consistency of day-to-day operations and maximizing income of the property This is one of the main reasons why a lot of property owners consider partnering with third-party services such as a Management Company Tune in to this episode to identify some important things that you need to consider when choosing an efficient and service-oriented Management Company Topics on Today s Episode Roles and Responsibilities of a Management Company Systems and Processes of a Management Company Things that you should consider and what to expect before choosing your management company Your roles and responsibilities as a Business Owner and Operator Attitudes that you must have as a Business Owner Tips on how to make more money as Management Company or managing properties How to make your Management Company more profitable How to make your staff at your properties loyal Costs and some expenses of the Property Owner working with a Management Team or Company Links and Resources Mentioned Kahuna Boardroom Kahuna HQ Multifamily Legacy Podcast on YouTube Multifamily Legacy Podcast on Facebook Quotes I don t think Management Companies make lots of money but I do think you can control your overall product a lot more if you are managing and you have systems and people – Corey Peterson You cannot do enough due diligence in selecting a management – Corey Peterson Everybody s looking for excuses instead of taking ownership – Corey Peterson I m their biggest cheerleader I champion my team and my staff even though they re manage by my management company I let them know that they are important to me – Corey Peterson Don t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes Text the word MONEY to 408-500-1127 to get my free private money program and credibility kit for single family Click here to visit this podcast episode