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Consumer Protection In Microfinance, With Jayshree Venkatesan (Center For Financial Inclusion)

It used to be that developing markets suffered because they didn t have physical bank branches And as a result a lot of innovation sought to find workarounds that the developed markets just didn t need But now that none of us have physical branches the solutions built in the developing markets have the freedom to spread globally I ve spoken about this before in the context of fintech but today we look at how what we learn about responsible lending and safe banking experiences in the developing world might help us build the same in the developed world Join me and Jayshree Venkatesan from Center for Financial Inclusion as we chat about her latest research on the topic You can sign-up to the Responsible Finance Forum mailing list by clicking here and plan for Financial Inclusion Week October 17 to 20 over at www financialinclusionweek org That 99 Invisible episode on curb cuts can be found here https 99percentinvisible org episode curb-cuts Or if it is me you re after you can find me on my LinkedIn page feel free to connect and my action-adventure novels on Amazon some versions even for free If you have any feedback questions or if you would like to participate in the show please feel free to reach out to me via the contact page on this site Regards Brendan Click here to visit this podcast episode