Digital Video Marketing Strategy With Robert Weiss

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes professional video expert Robert Weiss Robert Weiss is President of MultiVision Digital a corporate video production company in New York and has a background of over 15 years in Internet marketing SaaS based marketing and sales processes tactics MultiVision Digital has produced over 630 business videos over the past seven years that have allowed clients to increase sales lead generation improve SEO rankings increase awareness and client loyalty MultiVision Digital s video content marketing services include concept and budget planning producing planning scripting storyboarding talent and editing and YouTube video marketing services Segment 1 When you start to feel a negative emotion or a low vibration obviously you care about what is happening and your focus is getting distracted from feeling good which is what you care most about The question is what is it that you really want right now what do we want to bring our lives Focus on what you want not what you don t want Welcoming Robert Weiss the president of Multivision digital A digital marketing personnel tells of how he started off in the industry 7 years ago Segment 2 There is an evolution of digital marketing Multivision digital is not video production company it is a digital marketing company that focuses the sales of digital video content Explaining the difference and same of 7 years ago Difference is convincing people on investing in videos which is the strategic approach The same is needing a video is the same How long should a video be captured video from 7 years ago is used today as a strategy to show how long a video can still be used YouTube continues to be the second largest search engine out there YouTube is a hosting and social media platform The goal is to monetize Segment 3 Websites with videos convert 37 higher The basic strategies of getting started is pretty sound based on big business or small business Just starting off not sure if video is going to work for you consistency is the key building is the strategy supporting a product a video can be an supportive effective strategy A video gives so much information in a short time Strategy is the key Segment 4 Buying on skills and expertise people are unable to see that on sites but with a video they can Video last for long time invest today will still be available many years to come Videos can be used in many different ways For better or worse we live in a content world videos can be used in a variety of different contents Considering using professional video to promote the questions to ask- -why What is the distribution channel What is the message Click here to visit this podcast episode