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Sometimes it just feels easier to be a Love Wolf to go it alone to just do everything yourself Relying on others can be frustrating annoying and down right dangerous But in our highly-connected society where the demands of creating impact are greater than every before having a team a following or a community actually makes it easier in the long run to affect real change Perhaps the real challenge is not in finding people who will do things exactly as we want them done but in allowing the diversity of ideas to come together in a new and unique way Often times life has a greater imagination than we do ourselves Bringing together a tribe of inspired people can have unexpected and wonderful consequences If we have issues with how our tribes functions perhaps the real issue is not with the tribe but with our ability to lead or allow Are you allowing life to live and create through you Or are you trying to force your iron will onto life What magic can you create if you let life create through you We are here to Empower Inspire Uplift Educate the World Click here to visit this podcast episode