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DON’T Let Fear Stop You! | 5 Simple Steps To Overcome Fear In The Moment

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Fear is a funny thing everyone has it and no one seems to talk about it So let s start there There are 2 main types of fear Reasonable fear and Unreasonable fear Reasonable fear helps keep you alive The fear of jumping into a tank of piranha s is a reasonable fear The fear of being killed keeps you from stepping into traffic If you can t swim then jumping into cold deep water without a raft or life jacket is reasonable fear If you don t have a parachute the idea of jumping out of an airplane would be a reasonable fear This fear has is place in the world Unreasonable fear is fear that keeps you from living your life because of possible real imagined or perceived consequences These can be innate you were born with it with no real reason acquired by experience or more commonly perceived by the mind Reasonable fears are not the issue Please maintain a healthy fear of doing stupid things like trying to hug a lion in the Savannah Unreasonable fears we need to address In this Episode Fear is a Standard Part of Life Unreasonable Versus Reasonable Fear How to Arrest Fear in the Moment How to Process Fear in the moment so you can make intelligent choices Register for our Live or Virtual Conference The Phoenix Men s Conference https www thefallibleman com thephoenix Actually get a GOOD night s sleep Go see my friends at https www ghostbed com pages fallible and use the code fallible for 30 off your order It s what I sleep on and what I count on BUY FALLIBLE MAN MERCHANDISE – https www thefallibleman com shop For Inquires about Speaking for events email Info thefallibleman com Support us on Patreon – https www patreon com thefallibleman Buy us a Coffee https www buymeacoffee com thefallibleman Instagram – https www instagram com THEFALLIBLEMAN Tik Tok – https www tiktok com thefallibleman lang en Facebook – https www facebook com fallibleman Twitter – https twitter com thefallibleman Pinterest https www pinterest com thefallibleman Parler https parler com profile thefallibleman posts Minds – https www minds com thefallibleman Wisdom App on iPhone – thefallibleman The Fallible Man Podcast Everywhere you listen to podcast or https www thefalliblemanpodcast com Click here to visit this podcast episode