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DOPAMINE DETOX: 3 Reasons Why You Should DO IT with Cary Jack

Want to be more productive Try dopamine detox We are all more likely to do nice things than the ones that really serve us It is because they are usually easier like watching TV or scrolling thru social media I recently had a dopamine detox with my fiance Steph No social media no movies tv streaming shows YouTube and only 1 hr or podcast music per day for 7 days Literally it s the most productive days I ve had in a long time So much more time and energy to achieve the tasks at hand I ve finished recording my audio book played with my dogs more and went snowboarding sold over 113k in gross revenue for my own company and affiliate companies and had a quality time with my woman and bonded deeper So many benefits from the added focus And the best part was nothing changed on social media Literally no-one missed me lol Aside from a dozen DM s nothing really shifted Make sure to set up your team to help you or systems to support your dopamine detox Here are the 3 reasons why you should do a dopamine detox More focused energy to achieve your goals Reduce stress anxiety overwhelm Connect deeper with your loved ones Bonus Make more money Click here to visit this podcast episode