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Doug Forsgren: Principal At Snow Horse Elementary In Kaysville

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Doug Forsgren values relationships with parents students and teachers He s the new Principal at Snow Horse Elementary in Kaysville In this episode he shares his vision for the school and his love for the students He sums this is up in his quote I borrowed from the school website https snowhorse davis k12 ut us school-information principal-message I am so excited to have the opportunity to be the principal of Snow Horse Elementary I recognize it will be a big task to continue and improve on the success this school as seen in the past I m up to the challenge and look forward to working with faculty staff and parents to make this the best school for our students Teaching is my passion My career began in Provo School District as a 1st grade teacher I ended up only teaching 1st grade and I loved it My experience in the lower grades solidified that the elementary level is where I belong After teaching for several years an opportunity to enter into administration and I took it I m now entering into my 11th year as a principal and trying to stay on the path of continuous improvement Education has cliches but most of them are true The most important of these is We are in it for the kids Anyone who enters into the education profession does it because they want to help students If we keep students at the center of every decision we make we will do great things I am a believer in power of a good teacher They can make a difference My job is to give them the best tools and to make sure they are using them appropriately Administration and other staff members are vital for the success of a school They help make sure the teachers can focus on the primary instruction of our students Together we can provide a safe caring learning environment where the sky is the limit Every school community wants their students to show a high level of proficiency I do too However a focus on growth ensures that all students move towards their highest potential You will hear me talk about growth more than anything We can control growth regardless of where a student achieves when they enter Snow Horse Quality Tier 1 instruction is the key to growth It moves the masses allowing us to lend extra support to those who need more targeted support I invite you to come and join us We are accountable to you for the learning experience your child receives here There is not better way for parents to get a gauge on the direction of the school than by being involved and being in the school to volunteer As you do I look forward to getting to know so many of you better and getting feedback from you on how we can improve our school Thank you for all you have done and are going to do to help make our school the best it can be We need you I look forward to making this journey together Click here to visit this podcast episode