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Driving The Right Curiosity Behavior With Data For CSMs

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In this episode Mark Stagi VP of Customer Success Avoma and Yaag discuss how to drive the right curiosity behavior with data for CSMs Mark shares his experience on the do s and don ts in QBRs and check-in meetings how to make it valuable and relevant to the customer and a lot more Key Points covered 00 00 – Intro 01 31 – Curiosity – a super power in tech 03 05 – Assessing curiosity of CSMs during interviews 04 36 – How curiosity helps in objection handling 07 03 – Leveraging curiosity in QBRs and check-in meetings 11 03 – Adding real value to your success conversations 12 56 – Preparation going into QBR meetings 16 13 – Keeping a tab on relevance and stickiness 21 05 – Not all questions are created equal 26 07 – What is the right amount of curiosity 29 20 – Key takeawaysClick here to visit this podcast episode