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E003 – WHY & WHEN Do Contractors Use Experts? When Are CONTRACTORS Experts?

I m sure you ve heard of hiring experts but when should you hire an expert Did you know that you should be hired as an expert and this is how you position yourself as the EXPERT Our guests today Boris Altman from Premier Claims and Derik Kline from HailTrace The American Contractor Show is made possible because of our sponsors The Catalyst Group – The Essential partner for contractors Learn more and join for free at www thecatalystgroup coHail Trace – The most accurate hail mapping application in the world Learn more at www hailtrace comBalance Claims – Smart contractors use Balance to save time and protect their profits Learn more at www balanceclaims com— stormrestoration insurancerestoration roofingcompany roofingsales stormrestoration roofing supplementing insuranceclaim insurancerestorationpro roofers rooferslife artofthesupplement jointhemovement roofersofinstagram hail stormers atlasroofing americancontractorshow contractor construction constructionlife contractorlifeClick here to visit this podcast episode