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E046 – How Your Competitors Are Using Hail Trace To Beat You To Storm Damaged Homes!

Episode 46 – The Ultimate Storm Damage Tool If you have been in the insurance restoration industry for any amount of time I m sure you ve seen a hail map HailTrace has been drawing the best maps for years but you may not know what they really can do For the past few years HailTrace has been quietly revamping their entire offering and expanding the way they use storm data to transform how you find properties that have experienced storm damage We got to get an in-depth look at how this technology can transform your business that or how your competitors are using their technology to find properties that have experienced storm damage The American Contractor Show is made possible because of our sponsors Atlas Roofing – Shingles – Providing premium quality roofing and insulation products for distribution throughout the world Go to www atlasroofing com to learn more Contractor Coach PRO – Coaching Contractors to Work On IT Not IN It Go to www contractorcoachpro com to learn more Hail Trace – The most accurate hail mapping application in the world Learn more at www hailtrace comC3 Group Inc – Claims Construction Consulting – C3 Group is a nationally connected team of Public Adjusters They have been the industry experts on large loss commercial claims for the past 8 years For more information visit www c3adjusters com RoofScope by Scope Technologies Inc – RoofScope reports compile all essential roofing measurements and images into an easy-to-read environmentally friendly two-page report Get started today at www roofscope com — stormrestoration insurancerestoration roofingcompany roofingsales stormrestoration roofing supplementing insuranceclaim insurancerestorationpro roofers rooferslife artofthesupplement jointhemovement roofersofinstagram hail stormers atlasroofing c3group contractorcoachpro roofscope americancontractorshow contractor construction constructionlife contractorlifeClick here to visit this podcast episode