Eating A Rainbow With Kathryn Kemp Guylay

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Segment 1 Sam opens the show with the quotes for the day from the universe and from Abraham He urges people to be more present in the moment from day to day and to not worry so much about the past or the future Sam welcomes Kathryn onto the show and introduces her and her accomplishments including her successful career as an author Kathryn comments on Sam s quotes of the day and on her journey and work as an author and nutritionist Segment 2 Sam and Kathryn continue their conversation and talk about dealing with your own problems and how your mess is your message and it can be used to help others They warn against wanting to change too much of yourself and that we should embrace the unique things that make us us Next Kathryn continues to talk about her postpartum depression and how mental illnesses need to be shared and talked about Next Kathryn goes into how she got into nutrition and how important it is Segment 3 Sam asks Kathryn to explain her work with energy and how people can get more of it in their lives and the similarities between working with adults and kids Kathryn goes into the three biggest things that stop people from eating healthy budget time and the know-how She details some ways for people to eat healthier meals while still staying on a low budget They talk about the common pitfalls that come from diets and how one can avoid them Kathryn talks about how eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables can help motivate kids to eat healthy and other tactics to help them eat healthier Segment 4 Kathryn opens the segment talking about what the parents have to and can do to promote healthy eating in their households She talks about her new book which is targeted towards parents and the type of things they can do to get their kids to eat healthy and have fun while doing it They talk about certain types of diets that are more suited for specific individuals such as diets based on your blood tests and more People have different problems with different foods and a single diet plan won t and can t work for everybody Kathryn urges people to eat specific organic foods and to do your research She gives out her contact information and Sam closes out the show On The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes Speaker Nutritional Counselor and Coach Kathryn Kemp Guylay Kathryn has inspired tens of thousands of individuals to be happier and healthier through her work as a speaker nutritional counselor and coach with a master s degree in business administration She is the Founder and Executive Director of Nurture a national nonprofit that provides nutrition education disguised as cooking classes to children and families in both Spanish and English She is the author of six bestselling books that have received ten awards including Parent s Pick Mom s Choice and Parent Tested Parent Approved Kathryn is a true agent of change that loves to spread positive messages to the world She has been seen on ABC CBS FOX NPR and other media outlets and hosts two podcasts of her own Click here to visit this podcast episode