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EP #1087: Reclaiming Wellness: Ancient Wisdom For YOUR Healthy, Happy, And Beautiful Life With Jovanka Ciares.

Lisa is kicking off THURSDAY shows now two new episodes every week on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS with Jovanka Ciares certified wellness expert herbalist and author Jovanka Ciares reclaims these time- and science-proven modalities and makes them easy to implement for all regardless of age gender ethnicity income or social statusMany of the most popular approaches to mind body and spirit wellness are rooted in age-old practices from around the world and come from communities of color But more often than not they are primarily marketed to and used by the cultural elite In Reclaiming Wellness New World Library April 19 2022 Jovanka highlights the multicultural roots of a wide variety of popular health trends and shares them to promote solidarity and inclusivity The book includes fascinating historical context for wellness practices like herbalism meditation visualization hypnosis yoga plant-based eating sound healing and more I have written this book to help address the diversity and inclusion problem in modern wellness writes Ciares As I highlight throughout all modern practices have roots in ancient cultures from around the world and I hope that all people of color will feel empowered to explore embrace and reclaim them