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EP #1125: BONUS EPISODE! Modern Nirvana With Actor, Model, & Entrepreneur Bryant Wood

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Lisa is joined by Bryant Wood who talks about Modern Nirvana The goal of Modern Nirvana is to be a catalyst for transformation in people apos s lives to inspire them to take control of their spiritual and physical wellbeing by sharing both ancient practices and modern bio-hacks on their YouTube channel and at their annual summit Their mission is to bring inspiration and information to a new generation paving a way for a more enlightened world If you are human you have the potential to be superhuman In this episode we learn a lot about Bryant Modern Nirvana and the importance of breathe work Bryant also known as iKAR -The one who touches the sky is a global traveler who has immersed himself in enriching experiences with the goal bring something authentically his own into the world He is a Master Breathwork instructor and is currently certified as a Priest NLP Practitioner Pranashamanic Yoga believer in Inclusive Mindlfulness Motivational coach and Mental Health Consultant certified through Kindred He s studied in Buddhist Sanghas learned from Sufi mystics participated in week-long rituals with Ancient African IFA high priests immersed himself in Tibetan Buddhism Tantra and has sat and meditated and collaborated with some of the most famous Gurus of our time He believes in direct experience through wisdom and beautifying this world through play diversity and knowledge In his own words quot everyone is welcome at the table because the ones we haven apos t made a place for in the past are the ones that we have the most to learn from Now is a good time to listen quot Bryant has given away all his belongings three times to completely focus on the present moment and be free to go where he is meant to This has led him to teach thousands of people the power of breathwork movement and self-healing styles in all circles from catholic high schools Pro athletes to Alzheimer apos s special care retirement homes He has done all this while living by the moto No one gets left behind Bryant uses his wide range of skills from many offerings to hold sacred space rituals workshops and retreats around the world Some of his past partnerships have included HBO Spotify Younga United Nations and Daily Yoga App You can see him on the upcoming second season of the Netflix show The Circle sharing his knowledge of the breath Currently Bryant is launching his Breathwork teacher training Working with his 1 1 clients and is in high demand to speak and share his wisdom He is 1 of 3 of the Modern Nirvana team that is fully devoted to paving the way for a more enlightened world Exceptional Parents Extraordinary ChallengesBeing a parent is challenging enough – parenting a child with extraordinary challenges Listen on Apple Podcasts nbsp Spotify Garden Basics with Farmer FredThe healthiest food you can eat is the food you grow yourself We have the tips Listen on Apple Podcasts nbsp Spotify

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