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[Ep 30] Conversation With A Master Mindset Coach For Women

Today our guest is Sapna Aggarwal who is a Speaker Certified Master Mindset Coach For Women specializes In Business Self-Leadership Neuroscience Human Potential Intuition She helps women of all walks of life to fine tune their intuition access their wisdom reveal the unconscious self-limiting beliefs and rewire their brain for success She believes when women have clarity they are unstoppable 1 How does one Develop a game plan making the unconscious behavior become conscious 2 How do you recognize the mental paradigms in the default network of someone s brain that keep them from their goals 3 How does one Create a powerful personal vision that pulls them to their future goals 4 Can you give our listeners 3 transformational tools that they can implement today to move them forward in life 5 Where can people find you on social media Click here to visit this podcast episode