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EP121: Goalong Governance Docs

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Firstly if you want to Governance at the South Coast Summit join their workshop at Practical Microsoft 365 Baseline Governance South Coast Summit So Marijn lost for the first round of the battle between the quick and powerful JSON v PowerApps Helsinki but was magnanimous in his defeat This is a great session and if you get chance to hear it them don t miss it Steve had a conversation this week about a mystery workflow that did not seem to have any documentation that we could find it prompted a need to think about how to define a process that ensured documentation had a high enough priority and is a key component in the Definition of Done Lots of people get a call out in this episode where Marijn and Steve look at what should be included typically in your governance documents Enjoy but be warned this is an explicit podcast versions as Marijn uses the C-word and no we are not joking Finally after another shout out we drink a Chinese Whisky seriously a Chinese dram that actually impresses enough to seriously put onto the purchase list Click here to visit this podcast episode

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