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Ep22 – How Did Frank Gallucio’s Pre-Teen Kids Earn Passive Income In Real Estate – Marco Kozlowski

Whether you are already in the real estate business or have just started you can definitely go a long way by starting to pass on ways to achieve residual income to your children TEACH THEM YOUNG Today s episode is an interview with Frank Gallucio of Toronto Canada about his pre-teen kids buying their own properties and making income He wanted to empower his kids with the same strategies and mindset If THEY CAN DO IT THEN ANYONE CAN WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE What triggered Frank s pre-teen children Bianca 12 y o and John Lucas 10 y o to start investing at a very young age How did it all start Review on basic analogy in real estate ABC and 1 2 3 What were Marco Kozlowski s strategies that Frank and his family followed to achieve success How much income did Bianca make on her first property How important is the Lease and Buy Option to tenants Tips on what you can do if the tenant chooses either the lease or buy options What to do to get the property tax-free RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Click here for the free quick start course Get Deals By Tuesday Masterclass CONNECT WITH US Email marco marcokozlowski com Website https marcokozlowski com Facebook https www facebook com realmarcokozlowski Instagram https www instagram com marco kozlowski Click here to visit this podcast episode