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Ep23: How To Do Due Diligence On Commercial Sites – Marco Kozlowski

Getting started with commercial real estate can seem strenuous confusing or overwhelming when it comes to the expenses taxes and due diligence What will help you manage your property safely is a good base of knowledge In this episode we give you talk all about managing commercial properties and all the due diligence you need to make WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE How to manage revenue How to mitigate maintenance risks Your profit and loss is your starting point Get your insurance broker to quote you based on what your needs are Expenses you will have when managing a property on your own If you can make money in the worst-case scenario then you re going to be fine RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Click here for the free quick start course Get Deals By Tuesday Masterclass CONNECT WITH US Email marco marcokozlowski com Website https marcokozlowski com Facebook https www facebook com realmarcokozlowski Instagram https www instagram com marco kozlowski Click here to visit this podcast episode