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EP252: Let’s Declutter: Negative Self-Talk With Julia Ubbenga

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Who do you talk to the most Maybe you re thinking my spouse my kids my friends or my coworkers This may surprise you but the answer is none of the above On a daily basis the person you talk to the most is without question yourself We each have around 70 000 self-talk thoughts a day And here s the problem 80 of them are negative When we hear a steady barrage of negative words from the person we talk to by far the most life becomes anything but simple Disempowering thoughts I m a bad mom I m a mess I m so overwhelmed This day is terrible especially when repeated often drag us down and complicate our lives These thoughts distract us from the present moment keep us from meeting our goals and stop us from fully living our lives however what if we could apply the idea of decluttering to this area of life Joining me today to encourage us as we declutter negative self-talk is Julia Ubbenga voice behind the popular social media account and blog Rich in What Matters Today Julia will take us through her process of forming better habits around the way we speak to ourselves ——————————-Links Discussed in This EpisodeOrder a Copy of Minimalist Moms Living and Parenting with SimplicityMinimalist Resource My Hygge Home by Meik WikingDr Amen s ANT Catching tool https ahha org selfhelp-articles ant-therapy Dr Amen bookArticle Three things to say to your child every day The Hope EffectIG Live with Becker https www instagram com p ClHLfG AwlB Connect with Julia website https richinwhatmatters com instagram Show Notes for EP252 Let 39 s Declutter Negative Self-TalkEnjoy this Podcast Post a review and share it If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast then do not hesitate to write a review You can also share this with your fellow mothers so that they can be inspired to think more and do with less Order or review my recent book Minimalist Moms Living amp Parenting With SimplicityQuestions You can contact me through my website find me on Instagram or like The Minimalist Moms Page on Facebook Thanks for listening For more updates and episodes visit the website You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts or Stitcher Checkout the Minimalist Moms Podcast storefront for recommendations from Diane If you enjoyed today s episode of the Minimalist Moms Podcast then hit subscribe and share it with your friends Episode sponsored by Prose Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15 off your first order today Support this podcast at https redcircle com minimalist-moms-podcast2093 exclusive-contentAdvertising Inquiries https redcircle com brandsClick here to visit this podcast episode